Uncharted 4 Teases The Secret Of Drake’s Island

This year will mark the fourth time Nathan Drake’s been pulling death-defying stunts on a Playstation console and after a year of teases, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is becoming more and more tangible of a game as we speak. Developer Naughty Dog has graced us once again with some rather detailed screens of Drake’s latest exploits and, by all accounts, Drake’s certainly not in for any vacation.

As it was revealed in GameInformer’s February issue, Uncharted 4 provides us with yet another island locale for Drake’s travels. The unnamed island in question appears to be the one featured in both the game’s recent Playstation Experience demo and E3 ’14 showing, but in still frame, it’s apparent how large of a jungle Drake’s dived into.

Uncharted 4 GI Screen 1 BagoGames

Drake gazing wistfully at a foreboding horizon


Like we first saw last E3, Drake’s left on another god-forsaken jungle and the man appears to be just a bit perplexed as always what to make of it in the screen above. There’s a waterfall to his left as the doctor ordered and a roaring sea to his right just like, well, an island.

The entire scene’s arguably darker than what we’ve seen yet in the series and we’re not quite sure why Drake’s wandering around the unnamed island in question. We assume it’s about nothing good, or else Drake will just wake up on the couch with an ice-cream bowl in his lap.

Uncharted 4 GI Screen 3 BagoGames

The second screen lightens the mood a bit, showing off what’s likely the beautiful results of only a Playstation 4 hard-drive can do. The graphics shine to a crisp with a certain focus on lighting, complete with Drake jumping over a large gap willy nilly like he does.

The particular scenario above appears to be what we’ve already seen from the said PSX demo, but it doesn’t hurt appreciating the graphics in their still form. Notice the Lion King-sized rock in the distance. Yes, Drake’s likely not going to know the meaning of the Circle of Life anytime soon…right?

Uncharted 4 GI Screen 2 BagoGames

Sam (left) and Nathan Drake (right) are reunited.


Lastly, we have our third screen dedicated to the Drakes of our game, namely Nate and Sam. Both are voiced by none other than Nolan North and Troy Baker, respectively – the latter filling in for actor Todd Stashwick, with a fine shirt to boot. The two are likely considering their sweaty t-shirt contest behind the guise of their brotherly interplay, or so I like to think.

What brings them together or drives them apart is something we’ll have to wait to see, but it likely has something to do with either treasure or women. It’s always one or the other in video games, isn’t it? We’ll find out when Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End hits shelves later this year only on the Playstation 4.


Via GameInformer

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