Three Video Games That Don’t Deserve Their Hype

Ever wandered into a game store and seen posters everywhere of one game and thought “That game looks absolutely terrible”? Well here are three current releases that have made me do just that.

Gears of War: Judgment

I played the first 3 games. I also loved the first 3 games. I’m saying that so you’re aware that I really like the GoW series. I love the idea of the Locusts and a world on the brink of collapse, I even look past the gravel-eating macho men and genuinely enjoyed the series. My issues have developed due to the announcement of a fourth game in what was originally scripted as a trilogy. Epic and People Can Fly have committed the risky sin of producing a prequel when the sequel well has run dry. This can either be really good (Halo Reach) or produce a storyline riddled with continuity issues and subsequently angry fans.

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In the case of Judgment, I’m quite sure we’ll be seeing more of the latter, what with the protagonist being the irritating Damon Baird who I honestly spent the first three games trying to kill. With that in mind, why the hype? Judgment pulls fans away from the brilliant Fenix storyline and will drag the weaponry backwards. Issues with continuity WILL arise and WILL damage the integrity of the original three, and you’ll be stuck playing as the douchebag. I can see it being a mediocre game at best, not deserving of the advertising and hype it seems to be receiving. If there’s no Horde, tables will be flipped.

 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

For all that have played the demo, you’ll now be nodding your heads. This isn’t a Metal Gear game, not at all. Gone are the days of sneaking around and hiding in boxes. Instead we see one of the least favorite characters from the series, Raiden, hack and slash his way through (admittedly cool) baddies. This deviation from stealth to action overload cannot be a good thing, especially when you’ve solidified the previous form of gameplay over eight other installments.

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This separation from the classic MGS ways has, however, been heralded as a bold and triumphant move and has many claiming it to be one of the most anticipated games. All this hype is misplaced to say the least. With so little taken from the original MGS games, I can see this installment getting a huge amount of hate from the traditional fanbase and a limited response from new-to-the-series gamers. This is a classic example of a game riding off a poor title just on its name. (Aliens: Colonial Marines anyone?) My other massive gripe with the game is its “made up word that sounds real” title.

 Dead Island: Riptide

The first Dead Island sucked, in short. They had a huge opportunity to develop a truly inspiring and entertaining open world zombie game. Instead they developed a clunky and irritating zombie game that produced more rage quits than Too Human. So you can imagine my surprise that another title was even possible, let alone happening,  after the lackluster response to the first game. Nonetheless, Dead Island: Riptide exists and is coming to consoles very soon.

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The hype for this game has been for a mixed bag of reasons, one of which is the much-debated “Hand Painted Torso” ( shown below) which has caused a few complaints as it depicts a ripped woman’s torso. The best part is it’s exclusive only to the UK and shows the woman sporting a union jack swimsuit, blimey! It’s also been noted that the rehashed trailer indicates that they haven’t done anything new in this game and instead produced more of a Dead Island expansion rather than another full-on game. This can only mean suckier zombie gameplay, which begs the question: why do we all care? This game is crazily over-hyped but I do genuinely hope it turns out to be well placed. I still have a drop of hope for a tropical undead paradise. Fingers crossed is all I can say.

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Any releases coming up that have everyone in a trance and you can’t see why? Let off some steam in the comment section below.

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