Whatcha’ Playin’ Humpday Haiku -October 19, 2016

Gears of War 4, Microsoft Studios

Hello, boils and ghouls. It’s nearly that spooky time of year. You know the night I’m talking about. That magical night where it’s actually legal to put on a costume and demand candy from strangers! Or, depending on your age, perhaps it’s the night you’ll see a dozen drunken Harley Quinns at a friend’s party. Or, if you’re past all that, you simply know it as the night that pushy, costumed children continually interrupt your gaming session with the doorbell, demanding candy. Whatever your age, Halloween is a magical time, isn’t it?

Here’s what we’ve been playing:

Gears of War 4, Microsoft Studios

Gears of War 4, Microsoft Studios

Enemies flanking…
Damn, I suck at this Dropshot!
Someone revive me?
Corey Atwood – Gears of War 4


The Division, Ubisoft

The Division, Ubisoft

Museum of glitch,
It’s quite astounding display,
Well done Ubisoft
Kailan May – The Division


Chase: Cold Case Investigation - Distant Memories, JP: Arc System Works

Chase: Cold Case Investigation – Distant Memories, JP: Arc System Works

Long Days, Emptiness
Ringing Bringing New of Death
Muddled Clues Clear Up
Eleni DiCarlo – Chase: Cold Case Investigation – Distant Memories


Dead Space 2, EA

Dead Space 2, Electronic Arts

Necromorphs Lurking
Rampant Hallucinations
Make Us Whole Again
Josh Nichols – Dead Space 2

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