Whatcha Playin? Humpday Haiku’s The E3 Edition

E3 2017

E3 2017 is over and while we are all reeling from the news that was and wasn’t announced quite a few of us are excited for certain games. It was nice to see a few games with actual release dates this time around, even though Days Gone and The Last of Us 2 are still in development limbo.

Alexx Aplin – Vampyr

(Vampyr – Focus Home Interactive)

Vampires of Old
Sickness Fills London Streets
Can You Heal The City?

Jerry Dobracki – The Evil Within 2

(The Evil Within 2 – Bethesda)

What a surprise
Sebastian C is back
I love Mikami

Chris Penwell – Kingdom Hearts 3

(Kingdom Hearts 3 – Square Enix)

Will you be out soon?
11 years. Still waiting.
More at D23.

Josh Nichols – Metroid

(Metroid: Samus Returns – Nintendo)

Nintendo heard us
Metroid Prime and Metroid 2
It’s been far too long

Zac LaRocque-Walker – Hidden Agenda

(Hidden Agenda – Sony)

To solve a murder
You must consult with your friends
Or you’ll die trying

What was your Game of Show? Let us know in the comments!

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