Whatcha Watchin? Humpday Haiku’s 10-11-2017

John Wick: Chapter 2 - Summit Entertainment

Another week has passed and the group at BagoGames has been knee deep in scary films and games. Here’s a list of what we’ve watched this past week and what possibly scared us half to death, in haiku form, of course.

Patrick Kennedy – The Thing

(The Thing – Universal Pictures)

Can’t trust anyone
It hides in the warmest place
oh yeah, well f**k you too

Chris Penwell – Kingsman: The Golden Circle

(Kingsman: The Golden Circle – 20th Century Fox)

Kingsman is awesome
Don’t listen to the critics
Great action, funny.

Meg Humphries – The Cabin in the Woods

(The Cabin in the Woods – Lionsgate)

Sacrifice the young
by their choices. Do not fail.
The Gods are angry.

Alexx Aplin – Practical Magic

(Practical Magic – Warner Bros.)

A Family Curse
Two Sisters Attract Danger
With Spells and Potions

Jerry Dobracki – John Wick: Chapter 2

(John Wick: chapter 2 – Summit Entertainment)

Keanu is back
Making us a man’s movie
lots of blood and death

M. Charles Barnhart – Yuri!!! On ICE.

(Yuri!!! On ICE. – MAPPPA)

Music warms the air.
Steel cuts ice, a trail forward.
A new world springs forth

Those are the movies that stuck out to us this week. What about you? Any movie you can’t keep your mind off of?

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