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Wheely 6: Fairytale – Time To Roll Out

Cars can be really cool or really boring. If they have eyes and go to the movies with their girl/boyfriend, then I think they are pretty cool. If they go on a quest to save the world from a dragon knight that abducts a princess, well… let’s just say that it’s a pretty unique situation for a car to be in. All of this happens in Wheely 6: Fairytale. So is my experience with it like a cool, shiny car? Or does it fall flat like a tire?

I am greeted by a title screen that tells me that the game I am playing is called Wheely 6: Fairytale. A purple princess car is on the left side of the screen and a red knight car, that I presume to be Wheely himself, is on the right side of the screen. I like medieval stories, so I am thinking to myself, “This is a good start.” Two big buttons saying “PLAY” and “ABOUT” adorn the screen. Since I am here to play a game, I press the “PLAY” button with anticipation.


Time to pick a movie!

The game throws me into the first stage that shows Wheely going to the movies with his girlfriend. I quickly notice that this a game where you click around all over the screen, with your mouse pointer, trying to find objects to interact with. These objects let me solve all the small puzzles that are present within each stage, helping Wheely to progress through the game. On this very first stage, I had to choose which movie Wheely and his girlfriend are going to watch. The choices available to me are, a movie about aliens, a movie about some kind of monster thing, or a movie that I presume is called Fairytale. I try to pick the alien or monster movie first but Wheely’s girlfriend doesn’t want to see them. So I have to pick Fairytale, which is probably the more romantic option anyways.

When the movie starts, a wizard casts a spell on Wheely, putting him in the movie. Now he has to go through all the hazards in the movie to beat the wizard, save a princess, and break the spell to return to his girlfriend’s side. The whole setup reminds me of that movie from 1993 with Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Last Action Hero. Except that this one takes place in a Fairytale land instead of a city where crime is fought by a overly muscular cop.


What! Wheely is in the movie!

So as I mentioned earlier in this article, to beat all of the levels I have to solve a bunch puzzles by clicking on and moving objects around the screen. It is all very simple and should be perfect for kids of any age. Even my supposedly grown up mind had to use some extra thinking juice from time to time to progress through the game. There are also extra collectibles in form of a wheel and a mini toy car to find around the stages. These can be quite tricky to spot at times, as they are not hidden in plain sight.

Wheely 6: Fairytale is a cute kids game, with adorable graphics, that can probably put some warmth into anyone’s heart. Its quick to play through and very colorful. It is not groundbreaking in anyway however and I guess it would have been cool if I could have chosen any of the other movies, adding more stages to the game, and even some craziness to the formula. Maybe let Wheely’s girlfriend save him from aliens in the corresponding movie? That would be cool!

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