Will Superman ever get a decent game?

Few comic book characters have had such a troubled gaming history as Superman. Despite the likes of Batman having many illustrious gaming exploits such as last year’s Arkham Knight, it seems that Clark Kent has so far struggled to find a game worthy of his superhuman abilities.

However, in the past year there have been plenty of rumours online that some quality games developers could be working on a future Superman title. In particular, the speculation that Rocksteady might be developing a Superman game means that we could hopefully see a title that’s as good as Arkham Knight soon.

Much of this speculation is based on visual clues left around the last Batman game. And seeing as Arkham Knight was one of the biggest gaming hits of 2015, it would only strengthen the bond between Rocksteady and DC Comics.

But there are also interesting reports that WB Games are working on a Superman game too. With leaked music, game artwork and rumours that celebrity stars are lining up to do the voiceovers, it seems that there’s no shortage of future Superman excitement in the gaming world.

And apart from the Superman slots game at casinoeuro.com, there’s been very little in the way of decent Superman gaming action in the past. Despite the fact that Superman has had a long gaming history since his debut on the Atari 2600 in 1978, the superhero has unfortunately provided us with some shockingly bad gaming releases.


Probably the most depressing of the lot has to be Superman: The New Adventures that was released for the Nintendo 64 in 1999. This is notable for being one of the worst games of all time thanks to its notoriously inept collision detection and its virtually impossible gameplay.

And last year saw brief appearances from Superman in Infinite Crisis and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham that suggested that the time was right for a revival for this much-loved comic book star.


Although hopes were high that this year’s Batman V Superman movie might reinvigorate Clark Kent’s public profile, the film managed to disappoint on an epic scale and it’s only the slots game that brought the Kryptonian hero to gamer’s screens this year.

But with over ten years since there was a console game bearing Superman’s name, it’s hoped that the current rumours from Rocksteady and WB Games might eventually come true.

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