The Witcher 3 Box Art Has Been Revealed

It looks like The Witcher 3 box art and other bonuses have been revealed thanks to an advert that was captured by Videogamer. The image shows three copies of the game for different platforms, but there’s also some extra physical content below.


What was originally thought as pre-order bonuses is actually part of the standard edition of the game, CD Projekt Red’s community manager Marcin Momot made that clear in a post. This is a considerable and charitable amount of extras that you get if you purchase the standard edition of the game. It includes a game map, stickers, the soundtrack, a Witcher Universe Compendium, and of course the game Manuel. Talk about bang for your buck.

It also looks like that CD Projekt Red will unveil the collectors edition of the game at their own conference tonight. When they reveal the collectors edition you better believe we’ll have the story.

UPDATE: The collector’s edition and digital edition have been detailed. The collector’s edition comes with a a statue of Geralt killing some type of monster, a steel book, an art book, a wolf medallion, and a physical map. The Digital only edition comes with a digital art book, map, and a behind the scenes “making of” video.


Via IGN Videogamer

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